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Standardize clinical procedures with a universal adhesive. BISCO’s ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL is the ultimate universal bonding agent with exceptional strength, long-term stability and versatility.

Extensive testing has proven ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL produces remarkable bonding results, due to its hydrophobic formula containing MDP monomers.  ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL is a versatile adhesive which can be used in different etching modes (total-etch, self-etch and/or selective-etch) and offers high bond strengths in direct procedures and to all indirect substrates. Moreover, its unique chemistry and low film thickness allow it to be used in indirect restorations without the need for an additional activator when used with dual-cure and self-cure resin materials (i.e. resin cements).

ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL offers reliability, consistency and effective performance for all adhesive procedures.  ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL – the world’s first TRULY universal dental adhesive. 


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