3-D Printer Creates Clear Orthodontic Appliances

Dentistry Today


Custom-engineered for the dental office, VOCO’s SolFlex 170 compact desktop dental 3-D printer offers higher printing speeds, more accuracy, and the ability to print truly clear orthodontic appliances, according to the company. An optional, built-in laser sensor measures the peeling forces to optimize the building speed, which increases process efficiency and reliability while reducing print times by as much as 40% as well as material-consuming misprints. 

The SolFlex also uses 385-nm Digital Light Processing (DLP) chip technology to print in the invisible spectrum of light, allowing for the production of truly clear orthodontic appliances without the yellow tint, which is a byproduct of SLA or DLP printers that print using a 405-nm wavelength. The use of DLP technology is faster and has a higher resolution than SLA printers, VOCO notes, which is particularly useful for high-precision objects like crown and bridge models or surgical guides.

For more information, call VOCO at (888) 658-2584, visit vocoamerica.com, or email infousa@voco.com.

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