PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT: MEDIT i600, MEDIT i700, & MEDIT i700 wireless




MEDIT i600


The Medit i600 encompasses a comprehensive array of essential functions, ensuring an exceptional scanning experience for newcomers to digital dentistry or an experienced practitioner seeking an additional IOS. With its unparalleled accuracy, vividness, and smoothness, this cutting-edge technology places optimal capabilities at your very fingertips. 

  • Accurate, Light, Smooth 

The foundation of a successful digital workflow lies in the acquisition of precise data. The Medit i600 excels in this aspect, as it employs the optical system inspired by the same technology utilized in the Medit i700 and ensures the acquisition of accurate data accompanied by vivid scan results. Weighing 245g, this lightweight device provides you with complete control over your scanning process. 

  • Compatibility 

Eliminate any concerns regarding the intricate computer specifications necessary to achieve an exceptional scanning experience. The Medit i600 strives to alleviate concerns that demand specific computer requirements for optimal results. The need for investing in high-end CPUs, graphic cards, and RAM has become a thing of the past. Directly connect a single cable to the PC and embrace a seamless scanning experience without the burden of complex computer specifications. 

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MEDIT i700 


The Medit i700 is a two-time recipient of the Cellerant “Best of Class” award, and this scanner has been purchased by thousands of dental professionals worldwide. Supported by its exceptional performance and unwavering quality, the Medit i700 is packed with functions that empower your dental clinic to unlock its full potential. 

  • Performance: The powerful hardware of the i700 weighing 245g, boasts a remarkable capability to capture 70 FPS (Frames Per Second), delivering an exceptionally fast and smooth scanning experience while ensuring uncompromising accuracy. Connect the IOS directly to a PC using a single cable and eliminate the constraints associated with the wire.  
  • User Convenience: Its ergonomic design facilitates effortless scanning from various angles and positions. Equipped with a 180-degree reversible tip, it minimizes wrist strain, particularly during maxillary scans, prioritizing user convenience. 
  • Reduce Risk of Secondary Infection: The Medit i700 offers the Remote-control mode, allowing you to go through scan stages without needing to touch the mouse or keyboard. Simply click the Control button for each step. Besides the Remote-control mode, integrated UV-C LED technology within the Medit i700 handpiece can reinforce disinfection. 

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MEDIT i700 wireless 

Soaring in your practice without wires with the proven and powerful i700 technology. Experience the same exceptional scanning capabilities of the i700 without the hassle of wires, enabling comfortable scanning from any angle. The Medit i700 wireless introduces new features that alleviate concerns associated with wireless products for a flawless and worry-free scanning experience. 

  • Freedom from Behavioral Restrictions while Scanning: With wireless functionality, there are no limitations of cords and cables during scanning. You can scan comfortably from any angle without cables getting in your way or touching patients’ faces. 
  • Enhanced Mobility: With the Switch & Scan function, you can connect a single scanner to multiple wireless hubs and easily switch between them. You can conveniently scan anywhere and move freely between rooms while staying connected.  
  • Battery Longevity: Medit i700 wireless is equipped with three interchangeable batteries. With one battery, you can scan continuously for up to 1 hour, equivalent to scanning up to 30 cases. The scanner also automatically switches to sleep mode when not in use, and each battery lasts up to 8 hours in standby mode. You can also connect the device with a power cable when needed. 

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