Preschool Cavities Going Up



Dentists are being forced to do more major work on young children.

That’s because many parents are not paying close enough attention to their children’s dental health. The result is often decay and then tooth extraction for children as young as 2. All because parents are too busy to make sure their children’s teeth are brushed.

Five years ago, the number of preschool children with cavities rose for the first time in about 40 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With modern dentistry, this is something that obviously shouldn’t be happening.

Anesthesia and major treatment are needed to correct these problems, something young children shouldn’t be exposed to. There are many dentists indicating that they are treating more young patients with extreme decay.

It’s a shame in most cases, because tooth decay is something that can easily be treated. A problem many parents face is the lack of knowledge about pediatric dental care and how important it is. This is not something, however, that should be an issue with today’s technology and access to information.

The only way to curb this problem is for parents to become more aware of the necessary dental care for their babies.