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Polydentia SA
Strada Cantonale
CH – 6805 Mezzovico
Tel. +41 91 946 29 48 / +41 91 946 29 48
Fax +41 91 946 32 03

About us

Polydentia was founded in 1976 thanks to the creative intuition and
entrepreneurial spirit of Alfred Schaffner.

The passion, the enthusiasm for research and the solid technical skills allowed
to develop and sell products for high quality dentistry.

Thanks to its know-how, Polydentia soon found world-wide partners to distribute
its products.

In 2005 Polydentia’s management is enriched by the presence of Alfred Schaffner’s
two daughters, Claudia Schaffner-Paffi and Sandra Schaffner.

Thanks to the new creative and managerial fit Polydentia is ready to cease the
challenges of the new millenium and the new markets.