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PLANMECA prides itself on offering the most innovative and high-tech dental equipment in the industry. Due to our ability to sense future trends in equipment, PLANMECA, Finland has prospered and grown for the last thirty years. PLANMECA, Inc. was established in 1988 to meet the growing demand for PLANMECA products in the United States. Since then, PLANMECA, Inc. has partnered with select dealers to create a unique sales and distribution system for all PLANMECA products.

From the introduction of the first microprocessor controlled chair in 1973, to the introduction of the ProMax with SCARA (Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm) Technology, and the latest addition; ProOne, a 152lb digital x-ray is simple to use yet offers the same high-tech quality features PLANMECA is known for. PLANMECA has always led the way with new technology. Our goal to supply our customers with the latest and greatest is not limited to the products we manufacture, and distribute we at PLANMECA are always looking for better ways to provide product support for the innovative and cutting-edge products.

In November of 2002, PLANMECA USA, Inc. relocated to Roselle, Illinois. Our facility offers 55,000 square feet of warehouse and office space increasing our ability to maintain and supply inventory for our dealers as well as employ the necessary staff in our technical and customer support departments and other crucial areas to properly support our dealer network. PLANMECA’s 22 regional sales support representatives are highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals, directly employed by PLANMECA USA, Inc. PLANMECA also employs 15, on-site, technical support technicians in our Roselle office, supplying knowledgeable and product-specific phone support to all customers. PLANMECA supplies knowledge to our dealers through specific training courses geared to individual areas of the dental industry. Through various training programs, PLANMECA has successfully trained hundreds of technical and sales personnel in the field as well as on-site at PLANMECA’S facility. The purpose of the latest addition to our series of training sessions, our Regional Technical Training Program, aims at providing each dealer location with trained specialists for PLANMECA products. Currently, 7 trained PLANMECA Regional Technical Representatives are traveling across the United States conducting nationwide training courses for all authorized PLANMECA dealer locations. These trainings will result in trained professionals who have a clear understanding of functions and terminology so they can supply accurate information for PLANMECA products. It is important for PLANMECA to provide our dealers with high-tech, high-quality products, and through our sales team, our technical trainings, and our staff of over 60 employees, to also supply a superb support system for those products. At PLANMECA excellence is our standard!