Platinum Dental Elevates Spend Management with CureMint Partnership

platinum dental


CureMint, a prominent dental spend management platform, has announced a new partnership with Platinum Dental Services for their spend management solution.

platinum dental

Platinum Dental has selected CureMint to streamline, automate, and oversee spending across their 30+ practices. Prior to this collaboration, Platinum Dental had already implemented strategies that resulted in an impressive average spend of less than 4%. By integrating these strategies with the CureMint platform, they aim to not only maintain this low spend but also allocate more time for their purchasers to concentrate on patient care.

“Our teams need purchasing to be fast. They want to focus on more meaningful tasks, and rightfully so,” said Shawna Sherman, head of procurement and integrations at Platinum Dental Services.

She added, “As we open new offices, it’s naturally harder to stay consistent. Growth is happening so quickly right now, so we needed a way to become more efficient with orders and approvals. Live updates on spend, easy-to-build carts, and budget control make the entire process smooth and enjoyable at each practice.”

While some throw more bodies at the problem, Platinum was interested in finding the right technology partner.

“Recruiting and onboarding staff isn’t just challenging—it’s costly. After I presented the options to our CFO, the choice was pretty simple. Either we invest in CureMint, or we spend 5-10x and hire the right people,” Shawna elaborated.

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Platinum Dental,” said Brandon McCarty, founder of CureMint. “These relationships demonstrate our commitment to helping organizations remain laser-focused on their profitability. When you simplify the workflow and eliminate normal distractions, businesses will thrive and become more profitable.”

In the changing landscape of dental organization profitability, revenue is not the sole consideration. Entities like Platinum Dental represent not only a business venture but also a transformation in how the dental industry perceives efficiency and expansion.

About Platinum Dental Services

Platinum Dental Services is a dental support organization that enables its affiliated dentists to concentrate on clinical excellence, while the DSO handles administrative tasks ranging from billing and staffing to IT support and marketing. The dental group has 31 affiliated locations in Utah and Colorado. For further information, visit

About CureMint

CureMint is a leading provider of spend management software for dental organizations that recognize growth involves more than just revenue. Their mission is to offer a transparent view of expenditure throughout the entire business, preventing end-of-month surprises while enhancing practice efficiency. They understand that profit entails more than just revenue, and dental organizations thrive when they effectively manage their spending and establish proper controls. As of September 2023, CureMint has processed over $250 million in dental supply management for over 2,000 dental offices.