quip Launches Custom-Fit Mouth Guards and Whitening Solutions



Today, quip, the modern oral health company that offers everything you need to keep your mouth healthy, is launching custom-fit Night Guards, Sports Guards, and Whitening solutions to provide professional-grade solutions for consumers in the comfort of their homes.


quip Sports Guards

All three products are custom-fitted to the user’s mouth, and the process is easy. Users will simply take detailed impressions at home, mail them back, and quip will send the user a custom Night Guard, custom Sports Guard, or Whitening Kit (including custom trays and a 14-day treatment supply) along with a protective storage case. The impression materials are included in each Custom Care Kit, and shipping is covered by quip. Additionally, the impression trays are BPA-free, latex-free, and FDA-approved.

“Consumer research shows there is strong demand for professional-grade services such as whitening and molded night and sports guards,” said Dr. Jeffrey Rappaport, chief dental advisor at quip. “With quip’s simple, three step process, people all over the country can use professional-grade oral care solutions for lower prices and without leaving their homes. I’m excited to recommend these services to my patients.”

quip Night Guards offer a solution to minimize the effects of teeth grinding and clenching in two lining options: Hard or Hard-Soft. quip Sports Guards provide protection to lower the risk of sports related teeth injuries.

With the quip Whitening Kit, users can choose from a daytime or nighttime treatment. The quip Whitening Kit is proven to whiten teeth up to 63% after the 14-day treatment and proven to show a brighter smile after just one day of treatment.1

Pricing breakdown for quip’s professional-grade solutions:

  • Whitening Kit: $199 with subscription, then $49 refills every six months.
  • Sports Guard Kit: $159 with subscription, then $99 for new guards every six months.
  • Night Guard Kit: $159 (Hard, or +$10 for Hard-Soft) with subscription, then $99 for new guards every six months.

quip recommends refills and new guards every six months and offers free shipping with a subscription.

For users interested in multiple Custom Care products, they can save $30 when they subscribe and get $60 off every additional kit using the same impressions.

For more information, visit getquip.com/customcare or download the free quip app.

About quip

quip is a modern oral health company launched in 2015 that provides thoughtfully designed personal oral care products and professional dental care services through a digital platform that makes maintaining good oral care health more simple, accessible, and enjoyable. quip’s current personal care offerings include the American Dental Association-Accepted (ADA seal) rechargeable and battery powered Adult and Kid Electric Toothbrushes, Smart Brushes, Refillable Floss Pick and String, Refillable Mouthwash, Gum, Mints, as well as its award-winning portable Water Flosser.

All products are designed to drive good oral care habits, while keeping products fresh and effective with a quarterly refill delivery service. quip’s professional platform which currently includes quip Virtual Care services and quip Aligners, is part of quip’s vision to connect personal care, oral health monitoring and professional care in one end-to-end digital oral care companion app that helps manage all your oral care needs, while guiding and incentivizing good oral care habits. Since launch, quip has sold more than 50 million products with millions of those users digitally connected and enrolled in a subscription plan that keeps brush heads and other refills replaced on the recommended quarterly schedule for maximum effectiveness. quip was co-founded by Simon Enever and Bill May.

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1 In a lab setting measured in VITA® Bleachedguide 3D Master in vitro. Data on file.