Periodontitis May Stem From Obesity



Obese people may have more reasons to worry about periodontitis.

A study titled “MicroRNA Modulation in Obesity and Periodontitis” analyzed this issue in the Journal of Dental Research. The University of North Carolina School of Dentistry, Oral Health Institute provided the research.

To compile the data, the total RNA was extracted from gingival biopsy samples gathered from 20 patients divided into four groups. The groups were people with a healthy periodontium, 5 nonobese participants with periodontitis, 5 obese participants with a healthy periodontium and 5 obese participants with periodontitis.

There were two microRNA species that were upregulated in the obese people who had a healthy periodontium. There were also two microRNA species upregulated in nonobese subjects while periodontal disease and obesity were present.

This information breaks new ground regarding the risk factors associated with obesity and the impact it has on periodontal disease.

Despite this information, larger sample sizes are needed before this information is accepted as fact.