Pentron Launches New Product Packaging System



ORANGE, CA – August 13, 2013 – Pentron, a leading manufacturer of high quality, value-based restorative products and technology for dentists, has announced it will debut a new, cleaner, more intuitive product packaging system.

The refreshed packaging designs highlight Pentron’s new product branding designs and provide a fresh, easier to read update for the products. Product formulas, part numbers, pricing and configurations will remain the same, but will simply be presented in new packages. The packaging changes are ramping up immediately and will begin filtering to customers over the next six months. All product lines will be updated by the end of 2013.

“We’re excited to be getting our new-look packaging into the hands of our loyal customers,” said Adrienne Collins, Pentron Product Manager. “In line with our continued improvements to serve our customers better, we chose to make this packagingredesign to provide an easier to read, intuitive and updated look. We’ve received great feedback from the clinicians we’ve previewed the new packaging to, and we’re confident it will be a smooth transition.”

Information about all of Pentron’s products is available at