Partnership Donates Products to Floating Doctors

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Dental Whale Savings Network and Darby Dental have teamed up to donate supplies to Floating Doctors, a nonprofit organization that provides free acute and preventive healthcare services to those who aren’t able to afford it. Since more than 80% of the world’s population lives within five miles of a coast, the companies report, the Floating Doctors travel by boat to reach communities in remote poverty-stricken areas without access to basic healthcare. 

Dental services are one of the most important services the group provides, the companies note, as it’s very difficult for people in rural areas to get access to proper dental care. Dentists working with Floating Doctors can perform extractions, fillings, and other procedures. Dental nurses perform cleanings, exams, and other procedures within their scope of practice. These services are in very high demand in rural areas, the companies say.

Also, many indigent people don’t even have toothbrushes or toothpaste, much less the means to undergo a dental procedure from a skilled practitioner, the companies explain. The partnership between Darby Dental and Dental Whale Savings Network, then, came about after Floating Doctors volunteer Glen Miller, DDS, approached Dental Whale about donating consumable supplies, from composites to anesthesia. 

“We are happy to help Dr. Miller out by coordinating a supplies donation effort along with our supply partner, Darby Dental,” said Jim Gochis, vice president of procurement for Dental Whale. “What he and Floating Doctors are doing is amazing. At Dental Whale Savings Network, we’re proud of our relationships with people like Dr. Miller and suppliers like Darby. They have given back to communities in so many ways, and we are happy to be able to make this happen for Floating Doctors.”

“I appreciate the supplies and support of the Dental Whale Savings Network and Darby Dental,” said Miller. “It’s great to see companies like them give back to the community, no matter where that community may be.”

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