P&G Launches Oral Health Education and Sustainability Program

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Procter & Gamble (P&G) Oral Care aims to advance healthy oral care habits to transform people’s health while reducing their impact on the planet through its new sustainability commitments, according to the company. It’s “Healthy Smiles. Healthy Lives. Healthy Planet.” program will guide its oral care brands, including Oral-B and Crest, P&G said.

The World Health Organization estimates that oral diseases affect 3.58 billion people, with cavities being the most prevalent issue. Both Oral-B and Crest are working to educate and enable 2 billion people to adopt healthy oral care habits by 2030, reducing their environmental footprint and enabling responsible consumption along the way, P&G said.

“We are on a mission to help more people around the world understand the connection of their oral care routine to their overall health and how small changes can make a big impact,” said Alexandra Vegas, senior vice president of global oral care at P&G.

“As we encourage everyone to brush twice daily for two minutes, we’ll continue to introduce products that make people want to build those healthy habits,” Vegas said.

Oral-B and Crest will focus their efforts on education and advocacy, on enabling access to dental products and services, and on innovation that makes the adoption of healthy habits enjoyable, P&G said. Oral-B’s free Disney Magic Timer app, for example, is helping 90% of kids brush longer, establishing healthy habits early in childhood, P&G said.

To drive healthy habits for people, Oral-B and Crest will improve access to oral care solutions and education to establish better oral health habits and continue to provide safe products with transparency, P&G said.

During the COVID-19 pandemic when people couldn’t visit their dentist, P&G said, the brands helped protect oral health through educational articles, videos, and livestreaming sessions. The brands also have donated millions in product and dental care through their partnerships with Feeding America, Dental Lifeline Network, and America’s ToothFairy, P&G said, and they will continue to partner with dental professionals, retailers, and consumers.

To drive healthy habits for the planet, Oral-B and Crest will encourage and enable responsible consumption by making their packaging 100% recyclable, starting with the transition to recyclable toothpaste tubes in Europe, the United States, and Canada by 2025.

P&G Oral Care also said it will reduce its environmental footprint and strive for circular solutions while working with suppliers to secure transparent and responsible sourcing. Specific goals include reducing greenhouse gas emissions in operations and improving water efficiency by 35% in P&G sites by 2030.

Today, P&G Oral Care factories send zero manufacturing waste to landfills globally, the company said, and all US and European sites purchase 100% renewable electricity. The company has improved energy efficiency across its global Oral Care production sites by nearly 20% since 2010.

These goals are rooted in P&G’s Ambition 2030 Sustainability Program as well as three United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: Good Health and Wellbeing, Responsible Consumption and Production, and Reduced Inequality.

“We take a holistic approach in the way we design our oral health innovation, considering both the health of people and our planet,” said Lisa Ernst, senior vice president of oral care R&D.

“For example, our Oral-B electric toothbrushes help people brush better for longer and reduce oral care issues such as gum inflammation. For people who prefer to use manual toothbrushes, Oral-B Clic features replaceable toothbrush heads that reduce plastic waste by 60%,” Ernst said.

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