NuSmile BioCem: Superior Strength with Bioactivity



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NuSmile BioCem Universal BioActive Cement is the only cement developed specifically for pediatric dentistry. BioCem provides unmatched biological benefits and, unlike traditional glass ionomer cements, will not wash out at the margins. A radiopaque, quick-setting dual-cure RMGI luting cement, it’s ideal for pediatric preformed zirconia, pre-veneered and stainless steel crowns.

BioCem is CemBiotic, forming hydroxyapatite while also releasing phosphate, calcium, and fluoride. In addition, its hydrophilic nature allows cementation without having to achieve perfect isolation.

Independent tests show that BioCem delivers exceptional bond strength, does not shrink, and is optimized for consistency, handling, and cure to maximize efficiency. Tougher than traditional cements, it withstands sudden shock. BioCem also features an efficient, low-waste delivery system to further enhance its unparalleled cost-effectiveness.

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