Cost-Effective MTA Optimized for Pediatric Pulp Therapy



The NeoMTA mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) from NuSmile provides a bioactive, nontoxic, and proven alternative to formocresol without the toxicity concerns associated with formocresol’s formaldehyde component, according to the company. It’s also designed to promote dentinal bridging and hydroxyapatite formation, contributing to the tooth’s health and viability.

Unlike hybrid MTA/resin product blends, NeoMTA also is a pure MTA designed for maximal effectiveness. NuSmile has engineered it to be nonstaining and radiopaque as well. And while most MTAs can be messy to work with, NeoMTA mixes easily to form a putty that’s easy to place and manipulate. The cement is washout resistant in less than 5 minutes and sets faster than other MTAs, NuSmile says, helping to minimize chair time as well.

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