Nov/Dec 2021

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Implant Treatment Planning: Simplicity for Success

Dr. Charles D. Schlesinger reviews some basic and practical tenets of diagnosis and overall planning to help the creation of a more predictable outcome.

Dynamic Implant Navigation: Same-Day Implant Placement Now More Precise Than Ever
Dr. Mary Sue Stonisch shares a high-tech implant planning and placement technique that provides ease of use, precision accuracy, and stress reduction.

Ridge Splitting to Prepare for Immediate Implant Placement: A Controlled Procedure
Drs. Timothy F. Kosinski and Stephanie Tilley discuss a treatment modality that actually expands the alveolar ridge when there is significant horizontal bone defect.

Class I Glass-Ionomer Restoration Resurfacing: A Pictorial Essay
Drs. Constance M. Killian and Theodore P. Croll demonstrate a resurfacing repair of an 8-year-old occluso-buccal restoration in a mandibular permanent molar.

Controlling Pathogens in Your Air

Dr. Fiona Collins discusses recent learnings about airborne transmission; current recommendations; and, if you are considering an adjunctive device, what you need to do for a careful review to determine its efficacy, safety, and applicability.

Friction vs Chemistry for Plaque Biofilm Management

Drs. Peter Jacobsen and Brian Novy take a look at a new way to brush teeth. This new chemistry not only repels bacteria, but it also remains on the tooth surface, slowing down the rate of future bacterial attachment and plaque buildup.

The Ultimate Root Canal Playbook: Part 2

Dr. Reid Pullen shares techniques from the endodontics playbook associated with coronal negotiation, coronal flare, negotiation to patency, accurate working length, and open glide paths.

Focus On: Dental Unit Waterlines

The Staying Power of Live, Interactive Streaming Education