2022 Trends to Watch in Oral & Orthodontic Care

John Nabors
2022 trends


2022 trends

The orthodontic and oral care industry has continued to grow and advance through technological advances and demand. One key area of growth within the space has been the clear aligner business. It represents a $3.1B market and is projected to see rapid growth reaching $17B by 2028, predicted from a Grand View Market Analysis Report.

With the prevalence of teeth misalignment and the increase in daily screen time, the demand from consumers continues to expand. 2021 has offered new trends for the industry and 2022 is expected to continue to see its own shifts in demand. John Nabors, Vice President of Operations and Sales for StarAligners and StarAlignersPro, shares his top insights into the latest oral care and orthodontic trends people can expect in 2022.


Trend 1: More patients with mild to moderate aligner cases

Patients are seeking aligners from their orthodontists to tune up slight teeth misalignment, especially for those who previously wore braces when they were younger. Adults are now seeking adjustments in a previously teen-dominated market, making up over 27 percent of cases according to an AAO study. Clear aligner kits, such as StarAlignersPro, give people the affordable option to have minor tune-ups with an orthodontist and feel more confident about their smile.

Trend 2: Direct-to-consumer aligner kits as alternatives to traditional orthodontist’s visits

The pandemic has shown that traditional orthodontist’s appointments are no longer always required to receive care. Consumers who are interested in conducting impressions at home and receiving aligner treatment now can, on their own time. This is an exponentially growing business, and in 2022, businesses are expected to expand their consumer offerings to meet consumer wants, including StarAligners’ upcoming DIY program to complete treatment from the comfort of home with virtual orthodontist oversight.

Trend 3: More products focusing on teeth whitening

With the focus on social media and constant visibility, there has been an added emphasis on treatments for whiter teeth, especially for those with retainers. According to a recent study, the teeth whitening market has the potential to grow by over 840 million between 2020 and 2024. Patients are seeking gel or foaming products that can be applied directly to the teeth and products for a brighter smile. Non-UV Blue light therapy has also been beneficial in removing tannic stains from coffee, tea, and wine.

Trend 4: New LED treatments for oral therapy

Oral care companies have seen an increased demand in consumers seeking therapy to improve gum function. LED devices using red and infrared light to increase gum circulation and improve oral health. These products will become more common, as they are easy to use and beneficial for long-term gum health, including StarAligners’ newest treatment, Illumina. Illumina is an oral therapy system that uses LEDs to enhance gum health, provide teeth whitening, increase circulation, and may reduce discomfort associated to aligner and braces treatments.

Trend 5: Increase in adults seeking orthodontic care

Prior to the pandemic, there were reports of misaligned teeth causing lower levels of self-esteem. The Zoom effect of staring at one’s face and in turn, teeth all day, intensified these self-esteem issues and contributed to the rise of cosmetic cases in orthodontic care. These numbers are only expected to increase in 2022. According to the ADA, the pandemic has caused a rise in adults visiting orthodontists for stress-related conditions, such as teeth grinding and clenching. These conditions cause pain that radiates throughout the mouth, creating a need for retainers or aligners.

About the Author

John is a seasoned Marketing, Sales and Operations professional and veteran in the orthodontic industry with over 38 years of experience, including widescale aligner startup experience. Throughout his career, John has been known for being a dedicated leader with excellent communication skills and a proven track record in creating and implementing sales and business development strategies across international organizations and global Sales teams. His background includes 25 years at 3M in a variety of sales and marketing leadership roles including APC, Forsus, Clarity, and MBT in addition to leadership roles at Ortho Technology, TP Orthodontics, Biolux, and 3Shape.

At StarAligners, John wears many hats as the VP Sales and Operations, and oversees much of the back-end operations, vendor relationships, marketing, and onboarding of new orthodontic offices. When he is not busy with StarAligners, John enjoys surfing and playing golf and spending time with his two sons and wife in San Diego.

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