NIDCR Seeks Comments on Proposed Research Initiatives

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The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) is seeking public comment on three new proposed research initiatives. Aligned with the NIDCR 2030 strategic visioning initiative, these proposals build on earlier public input toward integrating oral and overall health, advancing autotherapies, and enhancing precision health. 

The first initiative, “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Promote Adolescents’ Oral Health and Reduce Disparities,” will support interdisciplinary research to identify the unique causal factors and develop strategies to improve adolescents’ oral health and reduce health disparities within the context of overall health promotion.

The second, “Oral and Dental Health in People Living with HIV and Co-Occurring Non-Communicable Diseases,” supports research to understand the combined effects of HIV/AIDS, HIV therapies, and co-occurring non-communicable diseases on oral health and the identification of approaches to prevent and treat oral diseases in these individuals. 

The third, “Immune System Balance and Flexibility in Maintaining Good Oral Health,” will support research to understand how the immune system remains flexible to maintain good oral health, both in the absence and presence of disease or injury, to develop new treatment strategies. 

NIDCR invites comments from its scientific advisory groups, the extramural community, interested organizations, and the public at large on these initiatives as well as responses to existing comments on IdeaScale by Friday, November 2. NIDCR staff will review submitted comments for consideration in further developing the initiatives and in funding opportunities.

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