New Partnership in Dental 3-D Printing Sector

Dentistry Today


A new partnership has been announced that will streamline the 3-D printing process for dentistry. Watch now to find out the details. Also, we bring an update from the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, or America’s Toothfairy, about their annual Smile Drive. This week marks the beginning of the Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta – find out what’s in store for the 105th annual gathering of dental professionals.

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What Really Happens When Teeth Meet Sugary Drinks?

Is the urban legend true—will a tooth dissolve when left in a cup of cola? One dentist used his own extracted teeth to see what actually happens when they were exposed to different kinds of sugary beverages. Find out which drinks did the most harm. Also this week, learn about new research from Japan that links tooth loss to dementia. Our final story is about an electric toothbrush that helps fight plaque for people with sensitive gums. Watch now to get these full stories!

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