New Gum May Limit Motion Sickness



There may be a new way to solve motion sickness problems.

A chewing gum has been developed that can provide many advantages when compared to oral solid dosage forms. The information was presented at the 2012 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting and Exposition in Chicago.

Roughly 33 percent of people are vulnerable to motion sickness in mild conditions but about 66 percent of people are susceptible to motion sickness in extreme conditions.

This new gum has the ability to improve patient compliance and quicken the absorption process, which would obviously lessen the effects of motion quickness at a faster rate. A sensory panel was utilized to test the possibility of faster absorption through the buccal cavity. The gum was also tested for bitterness and its ease of chewing.

One of the issues for such a gum is to deliver the drugs while limiting the bitter taste from them.

If this gum proves successful, the study can be used as a template to utilize other bad-tasting ingredients or drugs into a type of chewing gum.