New Futuredontics’ Report Examines the Changing Role of Dental Office Managers



Futuredontics® has released an exclusive new report for dental professionals entitled, “The Changing Role of the Dental Office Manager.” It is available free with a demo of the company’s suite of dental marketing tools.

The comprehensive 22-page report offers an in-depth examination of how dental office managers in 2015 view a wide range of business operations, including new patient acquisition and appointing, social media, online reviews, dormant patient reactivation, patient communications and practice marketing. The findings are based on a recent online survey of over 1,000 dental office managers nationwide.

The all-new report found that office managers are more upbeat about the state of their profession than they were in 2013 when Futuredontics conducted its last survey. Practice management professionals say there have been significant improvements in many areas they had previously identified as problematic. This is due in large part to increases in staffing and adoption of various industry tools and services.

Report Highlights Include:

• Online reviews have emerged as the #1 hot topic concern among office managers
• Dental practices are failing to meet consumer demand for online and 24/7 appointing
• More managers are focusing on scheduling new patients within the first 48 hours
• The top four areas where office managers feel “too little time” is spent are:
o Staff Training
o Practice Marketing
o Social Media
o Dormant Patient Reactivation

One troubling finding was how few practices are interacting with Yelp. 49% of office managers revealed that their practice neither uses Yelp, nor plans to in the future. Yet, according to a recent survey, 70% of patients say online reviews on sites like Yelp influence their choice of dentist and they see reviews as just important as a dentist’s professional credentials.

“When you want to know how the business of dentistry is changing, you ask the people who work on the frontlines: dental practice office managers,” said Futuredontics CEO Michael Turner. “Our new report gave these professionals the opportunity to share their firsthand insights into what it takes to run a successful practice today. This report, like everything we do, is designed to help practices thrive in a complex and challenging business environment.”
Dental professionals can get a complimentary copy of “The Changing Role of the Dental Office Manager” by taking an online demo of Futuredontics’ suite of dental marketing solutions — available by calling (855) 264-6832 or visiting