Mouth Cancer Survival Rates Need to be Higher



Mouth cancer survival rates aren’t progressing as highly as they should. People are surviving in higher percentages when developing other forms of cancer when compared to mouth cancer.

The study was put together by Saman Warnakulasuriya, professor of Oral Medicine at King’s College in London.

Cases of mouth cancer have risen 41 percent in the past decade. The issue is that the rate of survival isn’t increasing the way it is with other forms of cancer.

One of the problems with mouth cancer stems from the lack of trials for anticancer medication. Also, many people may wait too long before deciding to visit the dentist or doctor. At that point, advanced symptoms may have developed, and the disease is challenging to treat.

There are some strides being made to help in the diagnosis of mouth cancer. Dental professionals and doctors are becoming more educated about the disease, which will help in the detection and eventually survival rate after developing this form of cancer.

This information came to forefront because it’s Mouth Cancer Action Month, which is a campaign run by the British Dental Health Foundation.