Mothers’ Oral Health Impacts Children



A mother’s dental health influences whether or not her child has good oral health.

The findings of a 2010 University of California, San Francisco study indicated that when a mother suffered from tooth decay, the possibility of her child having tooth decay was doubled. The information is important because after the study was done two years ago, many people are still unaware of this correlation.

The specific causes of the child developing tooth decay are plentiful. One of the major problems is when a mother gives her child the same utensils she uses. Bacteria can easily be passed from one person to another with this practice.

Another problem for people in the study was the lack of accessibility to dental care. Many of the families that were part of it came from low-income areas. They didn’t have the ability to receive the proper dental care to avoid such problems as tooth decay.

There are ways to try to curb tooth decay even without visiting the dentist, although that’s still a major part of the process. Mothers should provide their children with their own utensils to limit the passing of germs. Mothers also need to limit the amount of sweet and sugary drinks their children consume and make certain that water is the only thing their children drink before going to sleep.