More Men Than Women Have HPV



Men are more likely to have one of the major risk factors for oral cancer.

A Journal of the American Medical Association study indicated that more men than women have the human papilloma virus. The study analyzed information for 5,500 people and about 10 percent of the men had HPV compared to just 3.6 percent of the women. The information came from people ages 14 to 69.

HPV is widely accepted as a cause of cervical, genital and anal cancers. Recent research suggests that the risk for head and neck cancers is increased with HPV.

People with HPV may have a 50 percent greater risk of developing oral cancer, according to the Ohio State University Cancer Center. That is one of the major reasons why the amount of oral cancer cases has risen dramatically in the past decade, specifically among younger people.

HPV is spread by sexual contact but many people have little knowledge of the affliction. There is also a low level of awareness regarding the connection between HPV and cancer.

Alcohol consumption and smoking also increase the risk for oral cancer.