Dr. Ben Miraglia Joins Teledentistry Innovator, CandidPro™



Dr. Ben Miraglia has treated patients with clear aligners for 17 years. In that time, he’s also become a familiar presence as an Invisalign Global faculty member and dental educator. Now, Dr. Miraglia has forged a new relationship with CandidPro, inking a partnership that will give him the institutional support he needs to bring his clinical treatment preferences to all his clear aligner patients.

For Dr. Miraglia, realizing that CandidPro’s treatment methodology complements his own was a major factor in his decision to join CandidPro. “I came to CandidPro because our treatment philosophies are so similar,” he says. This is especially true when it comes to IPR and attachments, for which CandidPro’s patent-pending CandidRx™ reduces the need. For Dr. Miraglia, “IPR and attachments tend to be excessive and unnecessary. I often achieve similar results using clear aligners alone. CandidPro treatment protocols are set up to avoid IPR and attachments.”

Dr. Miraglia also appreciates how CandidPro’s CandidMonitoring™ service tracks patient progress over time. “I love that my CandidPro patients perform self-scans from home every two weeks.” Miraglia notes, “I get the oversight I need to ensure everything is on schedule without all the follow-up appointments. CandidPro gives me a level of control I haven’t found with other clear aligner treatments.”

With treatment plans supported by our experienced orthodontist network, CandidPro has garnered the interest of industry leaders like Dr. Miraglia, who are looking for convenient and effective ways to treat more clear aligner patients. According to CandidPro’s VP of Sales, Brian Ganey, “I’ve worked with Dr. Miraglia for years, so I know that his commitment to orthodontic excellence is simply unparalleled. Having clear aligner superstars like Dr. Miraglia recognize the value of CandidPro speaks volumes about how transformative our products and services are. We’re thrilled to have his confidence and support.”

Dr. Miraglia is currently offering CandidPro’s signature teledentistry product to his patients and will be working closely with dentists and orthodontists to help them use CandidPro to enhance their patient offerings and drive revenue. “CandidPro is a win-win for everybody. The doctor enjoys less chair time thanks to no IPR, no attachments, and CandidMonitoring, all of which add up to increased profitability. The patients get to enjoy incredible results without IPR or attachments. Everybody wins.”

About Dr. Ben Miraglia

Dr. Ben Miraglia is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine and has been practicing dentistry in Mt. Kisco, NY, for 29 years, including 17 years offering interceptive orthodontics. As an Invisalign Global faculty member, Dr. Miraglia received multiple accolades, including the “Educator of the Year” award. He is widely recognized for his lectures and continuing education courses focusing on clear aligner therapy and craniofacial growth and development related to sleep-disordered breathing.