Middle-Aged Men May Have Higher Risk of Gum Disease



Middle-aged men with a sedentary lifestyle beware. This group is at a greater risk for developing gum disease.

The Hannover Medical School in Germany analyzed information from 72 healthy men that didn’t participate in any sporting activities. This group of people also spent most of their time working in a sitting position. The research determined that the older men had a higher risk for gum disease than their younger counterparts. The numbers were even more drastic when compared to those who led an active lifestyle.

Many studies have shown that a healthy lifestyle and a healthy BMI can lower the risk of gum disease by 40 percent when combined with frequent exercise.

That’s why it’s important to be healthy overall. There will then be fewer oral health problems.

Gum disease can easily be thwarted and simple changes to one’s daily life can do wonders when trying to curb the disease. Eating healthy, exercising regularly and maintaining good oral health are they keys to accomplishing that.

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