Medit Introduces a Seamless Scan-to-Design Prosthetics Solution at Medit Innovation Day 2023




  • Medit introduces a revolutionary scan-to-design prosthetics solution empowering dentists to design crowns & bridges, inlays, splints, and temporaries with AI-driven precision. 
  • Medit products integrate flawlessly with 3D fabrication technologies, ushering in a new era of scan-to-design prosthetics solutions. 
  • Renowned Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in dentistry will share insights on how Medit’s innovative scanners and software can reshape dental practices. 

Medit (, a leading provider of 3D intraoral scanners and digital dentistry solutions, announced ‘Medit Innovation Day 2023‘ for October 5. 


Medit Innovation Day 2023 is a free online event open to all dentists around the world. With the upcoming launch of the Medit ClinicCAD app, Medit is proud to present a seamless dental CAD software that empowers dentists to efficiently design crowns & bridges, inlays, and temporaries. The innovative scan-to-design solution integrates with advanced 3D fabrication technologies like milling and 3D printing, marking a significant step towards a streamlined dental prosthetics solution. 

Medit ClinicCAD represents an easy-to-use and intuitive dental CAD software powered by an AI engine, poised to revolutionize how dentists operate. Digital dentistry is not just a distant future; the comprehensive solution provided by Medit exemplifies the true essence of digital dentistry. Medit also recently introduced a Mac-compatible scanning system, and the ClinicCAD stands as the sole Mac-compatible dental CAD software available today. 

Medit Innovation Day 2023 marks an important moment as we get ready to introduce Medit ClinicCAD,” states GB Ko, CEO of Medit.

“This unveiling shows how committed we are to helping dentists with new solutions that make their work easier, faster, and improve patient care. It reflects our strong drive to reshape dental technology.” 

The event will showcase five speaking sessions led by Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in dentistry from around the world. Each KOL will explore the advantages of utilizing Medit scanners and software, elucidating how dentists can benefit from Medit’s comprehensive solutions. 

Medit Innovation Day 2023 highlights our commitment to merging AI capabilities with dental expertise,” notes Michael Lee, CTO of Medit.

“Medit ClinicCAD, the spotlight of this event, not only revolutionizes design but also seamlessly integrates with 3D fabrication technologies. This integration bridges the gap between imagination and creation, showcasing the future of dental innovation.” 

For more information and registration, please visit the official event page at Medit Innovation Day 2023. 

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