MB2 Dental Launches Modernized Intranet and App Platform

MB2 Dental
mb2 dental


MB2 Dental announced the rollout of a groundbreaking intranet platform across its organization of more than 650 affiliated practices nationwide.

mb2 dental

The modernized intranet platform, Cerebro, has streamlined communications for the growing company. Cerebro offers a solution for doctors and employees to stay connected about Company news and events; gain access to resources and information; personalize user profiles and more.

Cerebro also doubles as a social network for its doctor partners to share conversations on both professional and personal levels.

Features and benefits of Cerebro include:

  • Social feed – Post and comment to engage with other doctor partners on a range of topics
  • Newsfeed and events – Stay in the know on the latest Company news and announcements
  • Mobile Friendly App – Access data on-the-go with the fully functional mobile app
  • Continuing Education – Browse and register for courses at the click of a button, including MB2 Dental exclusive CE
  • Directory – Become acquainted with colleagues and forge working relationships through customized profiles, featuring hobbies, skills, accomplishments and more information
  • Resources – Review financial documents, key performance indicators, vendor guides and exclusive pricing on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Analytics – Measure and track platform engagement and performance

“We envisioned Cerebro as more than a typical intranet,” said CEO and founder, Chris Steven Villanueva. “It’s designed to not only meet our DPO model’s diverse needs but also to better connect our organization with its social media features. While serving as an intranet for secure information sharing, what sets Cerebro apart is its social media feature and mobile access. Similar to other social platforms, it offers newsfeed-style posts tailored to specific doctor partner groups. Private chat groups enable doctors to discuss equipment preferences, upcoming conferences, vacation plans and more. Cerebro enhances our culture by connecting our doctor partners like never before. Now, our doctors can engage with each other by sharing ideas and best practices via Cerebro, improving communication companywide.”

The launch of Cerebro comes just as the company surpassed the milestone of 600 practices. MB2 Dental partners with general dentists and specialists in 39 states. The DPO foresees steady, continued growth, with projections to add more than 10 new affiliated practices monthly.

Cerebro was developed in collaboration with Haystack, a modern intranet platform. Through this collaborative partnership, Haystack leveraged MB2 Dental’s deep industry knowledge to craft a solution tailored to the distinct needs and specializations of MB2 Dental and its growing DPO network.

Haystack achieved HIPAA compliance in addition to other stringent security standards to securely power systems like Cerebro.

Cameron Lindsay, CEO and founder of Haystack was thrilled to see MB2 Dental’s successful adoption of the innovative intranet tool, “Haystack empowers organizations like MB2 Dental to connect, collaborate and share information seamlessly. We are excited about the growing DPO space. Working with a highly successful organization like MB2 Dental has been an incredibly rewarding experience.”

About MB2 Dental

Dallas-based MB2 Dental is a first-of-its-kind dental partnership organization (DPO) founded and led by dentist and entrepreneur Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva in 2007. The company empowers dentists to preserve their profession by ensuring clinical autonomy and providing resources and support to its doctor owners. Since its founding in 2007, MB2 has partnered with more than 600 general and specialty dental practices across 39 states.

MB2 Dental’s model preserves the integrity of the dental profession amid a rapidly consolidating market. Its DPO started as a single practice owned by Dr. Villanueva. This model resonated with Dr. Villanueva’s colleagues and quickly grew through referrals.

MB2 Dental has since undergone two successful recapitalization events, most recently partnering with private equity firm Charlesbank Capital Partners in 2021.

For more information, visit www.mb2dental.com or connect with the Company on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.