Man Pleads Guilty of Illegally Practicing Dentistry



A man in the United Kingdom was prosecuted for performing tooth whitening without being registered to do so. It was the first case of its kind in the United Kingdom.

Paul William Hill, the director of PW Healthcare Consulting Limited, pleaded guilty to four offenses. The main one was practicing dentistry even though he wasn’t registered to be able to do that.

Hill was also fined as part of the sentencing.

The case started last year after the United Kingdom’s General Dental Council received many complaints from people and dentists. The General Dental Council was then alerted to the fact that someone was providing tooth whitening even though he wasn’t licensed to do so.

The United Kingdom enacted the Dentists Act in 1984 to prohibit illegal dentistry.

The General Dental Council is happy with the harsh sentencing because it may send a message to other people who want to practice dentistry illegally.