The Secret to Completing Lifelike Restorations

Corey Buckner


LSK121 technicians often are asked how they achieve the lifelike results on the restorations they fabricate. Much of that aesthetic success can be attributed to the attention that our technicians pay to occlusion, color, and tissue characteristics.

LSK121 founder Luke S. Kahng, CDT, is an innovator and industry leader as it relates to these areas of dental restorations, and he continuously pours his knowledge and experience into the team of technicians at LSK121 via vigorous and ongoing training. 

With our innovative Ceramic Chairside Shade Guide System, we have the ability to acquire and communicate a wider range of tooth and gum shades that cannot be captured by other traditional shade systems and laboratories. Beyond simple, flat, and opaque shades that are commonly available by traditional shade systems used in other laboratories, we are able to capture patients’ tooth characteristics, translucency, tissue color, and other elements of natural dentition.

Often, the relationship between tooth color, translucency, and gum tissue color is the linchpin to creating prosthetics that seamlessly blend with a patient’s natural, adjacent teeth. Without the proper tools to capture and communicate this information between doctors and laboratories, it is impossible to achieve the highest levels of aesthetic success that LSK121 routinely provides.

For this reason, we recommend that dentists take advantage of our Ceramic Chairside Shade Guide System for the most lifelike and aesthetically pleasing results. We work with all shade capturing systems in our laboratory, but the Chairside Shade Guide always results in better communication and better overall results.

In addition to providing innovative tools to capture and communicate natural tooth dentition, LSK121 Oral Prosthetics can provide consultation on tissue design, color, and occlusion. This is valuable information for both the doctor and technicians to have as they work through patients’ cases.

Throughout our 20 years of laboratory experience, we have worked on all types of single-unit, multi-unit, and full-mouth cases. This experience coupled with our extensive knowledge of tooth morphology makes LSK121 Oral Prosthetics an excellent resource for dentists.

Coupled with our ability to provide doctors with world-class restorations for their patients, our ability and willingness to consult with doctors ensures that the most useful information possible regarding their patients’ adjacent, natural teeth is made available to them from a laboratory perspective.

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