LSK121 Celebrates Two Decades of Service



This year, LSK121 Oral Prosthetics celebrates 20 years of providing world-class laboratory services to dentists throughout North America. LSK121 drives innovation among dental laboratories around the world and offers potentially the widest assortment of state-of-the-art products and services available from a single laboratory. By offering this wide range of services, LSK121 is an extremely convenient resource for dentists seeking a combination of services. LSK121’s staff, comprising 35 technicians, advisors, and support workers, has the experience and knowledge to provide support and services for each step of the restoration process, from treatment planning through fabrication of the final prosthesis. Additionally, LSK121 technicians are experts in handling full-mouth, complicated, and combination cases, and they are available to offer guidance and consultation.

Today, patients seek added value and higher quality at affordable prices when considering dental services. LSK121’s unique position in the dental industry allows it to provide this to doctors and patients. Average dental laboratories provide the bare minimum of quality and service. Conversely, LSK121 technicians and staff pride themselves on their ability to go beyond the standard when providing laboratory services to doctors and patients. This is because LSK121 is owned and operated by Luke S. Kahng, CDT, a Master Ceramist who is universally recognized as one of the world’s most passionate and elite dental technologists and oral ceramists. LSK121 also puts great effort into hiring the world’s best technicians, knowing that technician skill level is pivotal to the success of the products and services it provides.

In addition to personally training all of LSK121’s technicians and overseeing quality control, Kahng has invented the ceramic Chairside Shade Guide system, which is at the center point of LSK121’s approach to providing restorations regarded to be among the most lifelike and aesthetic in the world. The system’s tabs are made of beautiful, lifelike porcelain and— compared to acrylic tabs—are a far superior match to natural teeth and ceramic restorations. This provides dentists with the ability to accurately match patients’ natural teeth and easily communicate this information to laboratories, creating an avenue for more predictable shade results.

LSK121’s Kaleidoscope Wax-Up Service provides vibrant, full-color, 3-D models representing final restorations that the laboratory, dentist, and patient work from throughout restoration processes. This creates a clear outline for expected results on cases involving repairing unsatisfactory existing work, upgrading a patient’s smile, or otherwise achieving cosmetically pleasing results. Kaleidoscope Wax-Ups are essential for accurately correcting crooked teeth, occlusion, open diastema, and discoloration. Utilized for case diagnosis, evaluation, guide preparation, and prep design, they are a valuable tool for avoiding root canals, making the best material selections for opacity and translucency control, and tissue management. Wax-ups are an essential component of cosmetic cases that most laboratories trust to beginner technicians, who provide subpar models and cause unforeseen problems to arise. LSK121 prioritizes the wax-up stage by only using high-end technicians for this vital stage of the restoration process.

LSK121 excels at handling cosmetic restorations. Having provided more than 200,000 cosmetic restoration cases during the past 5 years, its experience and expertise in handling cosmetic cases is unsurpassed. Kahng and LSK121’s technicians are regarded as masters at providing exceptionally aesthetic work with world-class color, contour, and design capabilities. And the quality of LSK121’s work is proven by the more than 100,000 photos of completed cases currently catalogued on its website,

LSK121 has mastered completing full-mouth restorations and is a valuable resource for dentists handling these cases. It has concentrated on full-mouth implant services during the past 5 years, and its technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable about the process. LSK121 handles complex cases every day that other laboratories rarely see. This experience makes its technicians experts at suggesting the best material options specific to each case. The technicians can also be counted on by dentists desiring an added layer of expertise when handling full-mouth cases, and they are available for diagnosis, consultation, and guidance.

LSK121 is a full-service laboratory with a fixed department as well as a CAD/CAM and removable department that can handle combination cases completely in-house with no outsourcing. Its screw-retained hybrid denture service and other similar combination services have become extremely popular due to LSK121’s removable, fixed, and digital technicians’ ability to work together as a team to complete these cases. At LSK121, digital planning, surgical stent, wax try-in, PMMA, and final prosthesis are all handled by a single team in one place, with LSK121 being a single point of contact for dentists.

LSK121’s CSG All-In-One Zirconia Implants have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional dentures for edentulous patients. Because they are ceramic, they have superior aesthetics to acrylic dentures, and their screw-retention is more secure in patients’ mouths, with better hygiene than traditional dentures. They require less maintenance and have greater retention of their brightness and natural translucency compared to acrylic dentures. CSG All-In-One is widely recognized as an innovative new way to provide edentulous patients with beautiful new, long-lasting, lifelike smiles. Visit for its catalogue of 10,000 pictures of completed CSG All-In-One Zirconia Implant cases.

LSK121 has made significant investments in acquiring the best possible milling technology. Its milling machines are at the forefront of technology and provide the best possible precision and accuracy. Combined with industry-leading digital design software, 3-D printers, and technicians who take full advantage of this technology, LSK121 is a one-stop-shop for dentists. Its ability to complete cases without outsourcing is a major convenience for dentists who utilize their laboratory services as a single point of contact for each step of their restorations. LSK121 has emerged as an industry leader in dental technology and a long-term, valued resource to dentists throughout North America.

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