Light Wave Dental Rebrands as ‘Lightwave’



Lightwave provides world-class business services so dental leaders and dental teams can realize their personal, professional, and financial goals

Light Wave Dental, a leading management services partner for top-tier dentists in the mid-Atlantic region, today announced its rebranding as ‘Lightwave,’ a Dental Leadership Organization (DLO) devoted to partnering with top-tier dental leaders, providing world-class tools, technology and training that drives practice growth with an unwavering commitment to quality, values and people.

The biggest transformation the organization is seeing as part of this rebrand is the overhaul of their business model from a traditional Dental Support Organization (DSO) to a DLO. This shift stems from Lightwave’s belief that dentists are the natural leaders of the dental practice and the best way to support doctor growth is by doing things the right way with a tight focus on high quality, core values, and taking care of our people. Lightwave’s approach preserves the unique identity and legacy of each private practice and then strengthens them with best practices, technology, and leadership training. This approach has taken Lightwave from 8 practices to 60 practices in five years.

“Leadership makes all the difference in dentistry,” said Justin Jory, CEO & Founder of Lightwave. “We are passionate about more than just patient care but about training and developing our dentists to become future leaders. We partner with high-quality, growth-minded dentists to help them grow even faster with less financial risk and better business support. We are building the group model for the future of the dental industry that solve dentistry’s big problems including retirement, management, reimbursements, and partnership by providing the benefits of a group, while preserving the essence of private practice.”

Lightwave sets itself apart from the rest by creating a business model that rewards individual achievement while still promoting collaboration. Experienced dentists can build on their success, while dentists just starting out are able to learn from the best and hone their craft. Lightwave provides a clear path to partnership and ownership for younger dentists and a roadmap to a rewarding retirement for experienced dentists. To make sure growth and patient care can be dentists’ primary focus, Lightwave removes the burden of tangential struggles like billing, insurance, payroll, HR, marketing, accounting along with other tedious administrative work. Unlike the known model for corporate dentistry Lightwave’s dentists call their own shots and make their own clinical decisions, while leveraging the relationships, research and buying power of the group network.

“Our business model has been shaped by dentists with patient care as our focus, knowing that loyal patients and trusted providers are the bedrock of our practices and our collective business,” said Dr. Clifton Cameron, DDS, Chief Dental Officer of Lightwave. “When small practice administrative burdens pile up, patient care can suffer, just as it does when large organizations push cost-cutting to boost short-term profits. Lightwave’s approach offers a win-win-win model of the highest patient care, business growth, and high returns on investment — fulfilling dentistry careers from launch to legacy.”

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About Lightwave

Lightwave, founded in 2016 by a team of experienced investors, operations experts, finance executives, and guided by dentists, is pioneering a fresh approach to DSO leadership. From the most promising recent dental school graduates to dentists whose successful practices reflect their skill and decades of commitment to their patients, we’re bringing together the country’s best dentists with a simple proposition: We promote flourishing careers by handling the distractions. When patient care is separated from administration, and each is expertly addressed by world-class professionals, the outcome reflects the future of dentistry. We are leading the way from launch to legacy. Lightwave currently manages 60 dental offices in 3 states with 170 full-time dentists and over 1,000 active employees.


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