Komet USA Upgrades Its Website for a Better User Experience

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Komet USA has upgraded its website to provide a better customer experience. Improvements include a better search function, instant registration, an Info Center with product information and other materials, extended catalog availability, Komet Influencers, and a blog.

“We asked our customers what they liked about our old website and what they would like to see different in our new one,” said Komet USA CEO Todd Blanton. “Customers want an easy shopping experience, first and foremost. They want to be able to quickly find what it is they need and spend no more than a few minutes going through that process.” 

Given the tendency of most Internet users to search specifically for what they want, the website’s in-depth search capability has been modified with appropriate keywords to make search queries more accurate so users can find what they are looking for more quickly and easily.

The instant registration will enable new users to spend more time discovering the products they need and less time filling out forms. This is particularly useful, the company reports, since nearly the entire Komet catalog of products will be available for purchase on the website, which users gain access to as soon as they are registered.

The Komet Influencers section of the site will profile dental practitioners throughout the United States. Combined with the blog, which will discuss new products and company news, this section will provide customers with different perspectives and insightful information to foster learning and growth within the dental industry.

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