System Makes Interproximal Enamel Reductions Faster and Easier

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Komet USA’s DISCstance IPR system (Kit 4671) targets adults who are scheduled to receive braces once certain tooth and jaw anomalies are corrected. It is designed to help dentists more easily, efficiently, and accurately perform interproximal enamel reductions on patients being prepared to receive braces fixed at the buccal or lingual side of the tooth or prior to treatment with dental aligners. 

The simplifies and speeds up the task of stripping when indicated for correcting lower jaw tooth sizes that are disproportionate to those of the upper jaw, for eliminating crowding, and for creating full-surface contact (especially in the lower anteriors) to improve stability after orthodontic treatment, Komet USA said.

According to the company, the system provides a greater degree of precision in reducing interproximal enamel due to the unique diamond coating on each of the stripping discs included in the kit. These discs come in 0.15-, 0.20-, and 0.30-mm sizes. The use of progressively thicker discs on a patient makes it far easier to remove the precise amount of enamel, Komet USA said.

The 0.15-mm discs feature 3 different coating configurations. The Model RS15FV.HP.200 is coated on its upper side. The RS15FH.HP.200 is coated on its underside. The RS15F.HP.200 is coated on both sides. The 0.20-mm RS20M.HP.200 and 0.30-mm RS30M.HP.200 also are coated on both sides.

Komet USA notes that interproximal enamel reduction is a well-accepted and US Food and Drug Administration-approved alternative to tooth extraction in conjunction with braces for adult patients.

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