Komet USA Introduces New Nonwoven-Fiber Polishing Wheel

Dentistry Today


Komet USA is pleased to introduce its new, silicon-impregnated, nonwoven abrasive buff (9486.NM.260) for removing, rounding, and smoothing (pre-polishing) bite and deep splints, prosthesis edges, deep palate plates/plastic prostheses, flexible plastics, silicone, and other soft materials. It also can be employed to produce an attractive matte-satin finish on metals. During use, the nonwoven wheel steadily frees the impregnated silicon particles to achieve consistent results and adapts readily to surface contours while remaining dimensionally stable, which makes it particularly suitable for the splints technique. It is constructed for smooth operation and, unlike other fiber wheels, resists tilting during application to the work piece. Supplied unmounted, the silicon-impregnated buff can be readily assembled for quick use with the Komet® mandrel (disc carrier) 305.HP.080. For ideal results, the wheel is operated at an optimal speed of 6,000 min-1 (maximum 10,000 min-1).

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