Kissing May be Cause of Rise in Mouth Cancer Cases



Kissing could be the top cause in the increase of mouth cancer cases.

Most people know about the risk factors for oral cancer involved with drinking and smoking. The same cannot be said for the risk factors connecting the human papilloma virus and oral cancer. An extremely low number of people are aware of the correlation between HPV and oral cancer, according to a survey in the United Kingdom.

The rising cases of oral cancer in young people can be traced to the increased kissing and intimate physical contact, which is a main way of spreading HPV.

HPV infections are common and can be harmless. There are some strains, though, that can cause a great deal of harm, leading to cervical cancer.

According to some studies, mouth cancer cases have gone up by 25 percent in the last decade. The knowledge of the disease, however, isn’t proportional to the dramatic rise in the number of instances of the disease.

Red or white patches in the mouth, lumps in the mouth/throat area and sores in that area are some of the signs.

More education about the disease is the only true way to increase awareness.