KELLS partners with LIBERTY Dental Plan to Provide AI-Based Oral Health Solutions



KELLS, a leading provider of artificial intelligence-based oral health solutions, has announced a partnership with LIBERTY Dental Plan Northeast. The collaboration will provide in-home and onsite dental evaluations to underserved community members, improving access to preventive checkups, oral wellness, and education.


KELLS offers an on-demand dental solution that connects pre-identified high-risk health plan members with a team of skilled mobile dental professionals, including hygienists and assistants. These providers visit patients at home or set up community events to offer complete dental screening including X-rays, intra-oral photos, virtual exams, and patient reports. KELLS leverages its proprietary AI technology and remote dentists to create risk profiles, identify treatment needs and works closely with health plans to coordinate follow-up care with detailed patient records.

Through this partnership, KELLS and LIBERTY Dental Plan Northeast will deliver routine dental evaluations, detect early signs of disease or existing conditions, and continuously monitor risk to prevent more severe cases from developing. This collaboration allows plans to offer essential dental services to those who would otherwise not have access.

“KELLS’ mission is to improve oral health for everyone by increasing access to preventative care, facilitating care navigation, and empowering patients to take actions,” said Jie Feng, CEO, and co-founder of KELLS. “With our AI-based technology platform and network of mobile dental providers, we can deliver essential dental services to patients and surface critical insights on both individual and population level. Liberty Dental is a national leader in supporting dental care for vulnerable populations, and we are excited about the joint effort to proactively address risks and reduce costs in a meaningful way.”

Anne Weeks, president of the Northeast Region for LIBERTY Dental Plan, states, “We are excited to partner with KELLS to bring their cutting-edge technology and services to our underserved community members by focusing on accessibility, education, and improved health outcomes.”

This partnership between KELLS and LIBERTY Dental Plan marks a significant milestone in the effort to bring innovative oral health solutions to underserved communities.


KELLS is the leading platform to enable accessible mobile diagnostics and care management for oral health, powered by its proprietary AI platform and dental provider network. Our mission is to bring better oral health and overall health to the population in need. KELLS provides a unique AI-enabled hybrid care model that removes friction for patients to access routine dental care for early detection and increases patient awareness of oral health while coordinating and empowering them to receive preventative care or seek treatments.

KELLS partners with payors, providers and organizations to identify, predict and manage the dental risk of their vulnerable populations to improve quality of care and reduce costs.

For more information, visit KELLS.

About Liberty Dental Plan

LIBERTY is a dental benefits administrator founded by dentists and health industry professionals in 2002. LIBERTY currently administers dental benefits in all 50 states, including on behalf of 6.5 million Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, commercial, and exchange members.

A high-touch approach to member and provider engagement, along with innovations to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of dental care delivery, has propelled the company’s growth. Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, is a majority investor in LIBERTY and Elevance Health, a customer since 2010, is a minority investor. LIBERTY operates and lives by its motto: Making Members Shine, One Smile at a Time.

Learn more at LIBERTY Dental Plan.