Direct Diagnostics and CRET Partnership Promotes Dental Education Advancements

Direct Diagnostics
direct diagnostics, CRET


Direct Diagnostics is thrilled to announce its membership with the Center for Research & Education in Technology (CRET). By joining this esteemed non-profit organization, Direct Diagnostics is taking a major step in furthering its mission to improve oral health and promote the latest advancements in dental education.

direct diagnostics, CRET

CRET is a leading provider of technology-based education for dental students and healthcare professionals. Their innovative programs are designed to connect education and technology, fostering the next generation of healthcare professionals. As a member of CRET, Direct Diagnostics is able to contribute to the organization’s commitment to excellence by providing access to its HR5 test, which tests for the top 5 high-risk oral pathogens. This allows students to learn about the latest advancements in salivary diagnostics and helps to prepare them for the future of periodontal healthcare.

“We are thrilled to join CRET and to be able to contribute to their mission of enhancing dental education and bringing new technology to dental schools,” said Dr. Thomas W. Nabors, DDS, FACD, founder of salivary diagnostic testing using DNA PCR, and chief of oral systemic medicine for Direct Diagnostics. “We share their passion for advancing the future of healthcare and look forward to collaborating with them to continue advancing dental education.”

Direct Diagnostics’ HR5 test is an innovative, non-invasive diagnostic tool that enables healthcare professionals to detect and personalize treatment of high-risk oral pathogens. By providing this cutting-edge technology to dental schools, Direct Diagnostics is helping to prepare the next generation of healthcare professionals for the future of oral healthcare.

“We are excited to welcome Direct Diagnostics to our organization,” said Edward F. Rossomando, DDS, PhD, MS, founder and president of CRET, “and we look forward to working together to promote excellence in dental education.”

“We are proud to support CRET’s commitment to excellence and to continue making salivary diagnostics more accessible,” said Jeffrey Sopko, president and CEO of Direct Diagnostics. “By collaborating with CRET, we are excited to help foster the next generation of healthcare professionals and advance dental education for a better tomorrow.”