Jaw Decreases in Size as People Age



As you get older, your jaw gets smaller.

This information comes from the Faculty of Dentistry at Malmo University in Sweden. The study followed a group of dentists throughout their lives.

The study began in 1949. Dental students in their 20s had a mold of their jaw taken. The procedure was then repeated 10 years later and then in 1989. The researchers in the study were still in touch with 18 of the 30 participants.

The research indicated there was less space between teeth when the molds were analyzed 40 years after the initial mold was taken. The drop in space can be attributed to a smaller jaw.

Wisdom teeth had no impact on this study one way or the other because people without wisdom teeth had crowded front teeth as well.

In some cases, people noticed a change in their bite. But there’s no reason to be alarmed because the shrinking of the jaw is a normal occurrence.

Despite the evidence suggesting the jaw shrinks, researchers were unable to pinpoint a reason why it was happening. The speculation is that there are hereditary and anatomical factors associated with the shrinking jaw.