Introducing Profisil Fluoride Varnish

Kettenbach LP


Finally, a fluoride varnish that leaves a natural, clean feeling. Profisil will make that 2nd treatment easier to recommend. Patients today complain about that gritty, sticky feeling upon treatment. Some even say it feels like their teeth are wearing a sweater. No matter the description… it’s counter to what the dental professional wants.


After the hygienist works so hard to get the patient’s teeth clean, for them to feel otherwise when leaving the office… well, it is just unsatisfying, for both the patient and the hygienist.

Profisil Fluoride Varnish contains 5 % sodium fluoride in a mucosa-friendly, pleasantly flavored dimethicone gel. This formula is not made with ethyl alcohol or colophony (rosin), thus reducing the potential of soft tissue irritation or rosin-based allergies.

The benefit? No more stinging. No stickiness. No tackiness and no clumping! Instead, the patient feels a smooth, silky, lubricious surface on the teeth…a natural, clean experience.

The treatment procedure remains the same. All after-care protocols remain the same. Varnish application can be performed in any manner preferred, by the dental professional, on wet or dry surfaces, with or without prophylaxis. In fact, the dental professional does not need to learn anything new in applying Profisil or instruction of after-treatment care. It’s all benefit and no downside.

Available in Berry, Mint and Unflavored, there is a flavor (or none) that will appeal to the unique preferences of the most particular patient, young or old.

Sold direct to offices, pricing is attractive and shipped same day with orders placed before 2 PM Eastern.

You can learn more about Profisil by calling 877-532-2123 or by visiting

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