IDS 2023 – Showcasing Innovations – Day 3

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IDS 2023 is in full swing in Cologne, Germany. The event will last through Saturday, March 18th. IDS is the leading global trade fair for the dental community, which ensures sustainable success as a platform for innovation and market trends. Our editor-in-chief, Dr. Paul Feuerstein, is getting his steps in at the show and talking to various companies about their offerings.

With the help of a crew, we were able to put together a series of videos featuring some of the most exciting innovations on display.

First, allow Dr. Paul to welcome you to day 3.

A Quick Tour with the President of exocad

Starting off, Dr. Paul was able to secure some time with Larry Bodony, the president of exocad, for a quick tour around their booth at IDS 2023. The booth has multiple products on display, including exoplan, ChairsideCAD, and DentalCAD. All three of which are also being demonstrated live, along with the Smile Design process.

Press play for a quick look at the many innovations exocad is behind.

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How Diagnocat Works

A company representative from Diagnocat walks us through their cloud-based, AI software. A true virtual assistant in treatment planning for the dentist, Diagnocat is a powerful AI service that analyzes dental images: 3D CBCT’s, Panoramic X-rays, bitewing, and periapical radiographs. Diagnocat AI analysis serves as an independent expert’s opinion and creates a safe space of trust between patient and doctor.

Press play to learn more.

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SprintRay and their New Crown Solution

A company representative from SprintRay walks Dr. Paul Feuerstein through the Ceramic Crown 3D Printing Ecosystem—a complete solution set to transform same-day, chairside delivery of ceramic dental restorations. This dental 3D printing ecosystem equips dental professionals with all of the tools—hardware, software, materials, and round-the-clock technical support—for ultra-efficient chairside crown fabrication. Full end-to-end definitive chairside crown fabrication can now be done in less than 45 minutes.

Press play to hear more.

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The concludes day 3 of our video coverage on the many innovations being presented at IDS 2023.

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