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IDS 2023 is in full swing in Cologne, Germany. The event will last through Saturday, March 18th. IDS is the leading global trade fair for the dental community, which ensures sustainable success as a platform for innovation and market trends. Our editor-in-chief, Dr. Paul Feuerstein, is getting his steps in at the show and talking to various companies about their offerings.

With the help of a crew, we were able to put together a series of videos featuring some of the most exciting innovations on display.

First, an introduction to IDS 2023 from Dr. Feuerstein.

Talking RAYFace with Ray America

We start with Ray America and their comprehensive 3D facial scan solution, RAYFace.

RAYFace is more than just a 3D facial scanner, it provides the foundation for facially driven total treatment solution. Change the user experience with Ray America’s facially driven solution, from scan, design, make, to consult. Every step of the way, in the most simple and intuitive method imaginable.

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Dr. Paul Feuerstein talks with a company representative from Graphy about how they are changing the landscape of aligners. Typically, when you do aligners, you take an impression and send it to a laboratory, which 3D prints out a model. Then a suck down is done to print the aligner. Graphy skips right past that and prints the aligner out directly.

Press play to learn more about the world’s first 3D printed direct aligner.

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A company representative for DentalMonitoring welcomes you, the viewer, to their booth at IDS 2023. DentalMonitoring is the orthodontic industry’s most advanced remote monitoring solution. Their AI-powered platform and patented technology can be used to detect and monitor 130+ oral observations, remotely. This way, you as the clinician will know exactly when a patient needs an in-person appointment.

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For today, our final look at the many innovations on display at IDS 2023 comes via 3Shape. Take in a product demonstration for the TRIOS 5 Wireless, a completely new, state-of-the-art intraoral scanner designed to make it easier than ever for dentists to go digital with their dentistry. A breakthrough in intraoral scanners, the TRIOS 5 Wireless makes scanning smoother and faster with its all-new ScanAssist intelligent alignment technology that comes housed in a redesigned compact and hygienically optimized scanner to deliver the highest standard in imaging performance and infection control.

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That’s all for the day on Dentistry Today’s video coverage of the many innovations being showcased at IDS 2023.

Stay tuned to our website and our YouTube channel for more to come.