Identity Dental Marketing Raises the Bar in Communication & Results by Leveraging the Latest Technology

Identity Dental Marketing


Identity Dental Marketing places a high emphasis on client communication and results by leveraging the latest technology available.

identity dental marketing

“I LOVE finding ways to improve. Technology and automation doesn’t scare me. It’s exciting! If we’re not leading the way in processes and strategy, then we aren’t doing our job,” said Grace Rizza, CEO of Identity Dental Marketing.

Identity Dental Marketing’s project management software ensures that no task is overlooked. Each service provided by the company includes digital checklists with instructions, and their managers conduct audits for quality assurance. Weekly team training sessions are dedicated to enhancing client communication through the continuous improvement of protocols and processes. The company’s primary objective is to deliver exceptional attention and care to each client. Identity Dental Marketing has made significant investments in various platforms, such as keyword tools, competitive analysis software, management tools, and ticketed inboxes, in order to enhance their operational efficiency.

The key to achieving consistent and predictable results for Identity Dental Marketing lies in their commitment to maintaining clean and well-defined processes.

“I am grateful for the invaluable assistance provided by the Identity Dental Marketing team,” said Dr. Mattox. “Their prompt communication and willingness to go above and beyond have set them apart in branding my dental practice.”

Identity Dental Marketing is a full-service digital marketing agency, specializing in branding and digital marketing (SEO, Google Ads & Social Media) for dentists. The company’s unique approach is tailored to meet each practice’s specific needs.

Dentists of all niches and specialties can receive a complimentary marketing planning session at