How Pearl’s AI Technology is Transforming Dental Care at Dental Care Acworth

Dental Care Acworth
Dental Care Acworth


Dental Care Acworth is excited to leverage this remarkable innovation and offer patients unbiased, objective, and standardized dental care that they can trust. The AI solutions delivered by Pearl can assist dental professionals in identifying issues earlier and with higher precision, improving diagnostic accuracy by almost 95%.

dental care acworth

Dental Care Acworth

With proprietary AI x-ray analysis capabilities, Pearl can analyze AI-detected evidence in patient radiographs and integrate it with treatment data from practice management systems, bringing consistency and confidence to the dental industry and the patients it serves.

Pearl’s computer vision systems identify and evaluate the broadest range of pathologic and restorative features detectable in radiographic and 3D dental imaging. With the integration of Pearl’s AI-powered clinical insight solutions, Dental Care Acworth will be at the forefront of utilizing pioneering technology to enhance patient care. This partnership will enable them to provide consistent and accurate diagnoses, leading to improved treatment outcomes.

“We look forward to the positive impact that Pearl will have on our practice and patients, revolutionizing the way we deliver dental care,” said a representative from Dental Care Acworth.

About Dental Care Acworth

Everyone can enjoy the benefit of a gorgeous, healthy smile when they join the dental family at Dental Care Acworth located at 5552 Robin Road Suite A in Acworth, GA. They offer general and preventive dentistry to protect the health of teeth and gums, as well as many specialized dental services. From clear aligners and cosmetic dental treatments to dental implants and complete tooth restorations, almost everything patients need to improve the health and look of their smiles is available at Dental Care Acworth.

The clinic accepts most dental insurance plans and has easy payment options available to ensure patients can receive the dental treatments and procedures they need when they need them. For more information about Dental Care Acworth or to schedule an appointment, please visit or call (678) 888-1554.