Futuredontics Issues Report on New Dental Technologies

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Futuredontics’ latest report, “Advanced Dental Technology—Perceptions vs. Reality,” aims to answer the big questions that owners of dental practices ask themselves about integrating new technologies.

Based on the results of a national survey of more than 500 dental professionals, the 20-page report is free to all dental professionals who take a demo of the 1-800-DENTIST new patient leads program.

Given the broad spectrum of perspectives within dentistry around the topic of adopting technologies, the report explores the deeper reasons behind the varied attitudes and subsequent motivations to acquire or not acquire these advanced tools. Topics include:

  • What technology is top-ranked for improving the quality of dentistry;
  • Which advanced technologies have the greatest patient appeal;
  • Comparing solo practitioner technology usage to dental service organizations (DSOs);
  • How quickly a practice can expect to see a return on its investment in advanced technologies.

“There is no bigger decision in a dental office than the one surrounding investing in new technologies. Such factors as the size of the practice, the specialties, and overall effect on productivity play crucial roles in the decision-making process along with cost and return on investment,” said Futuredontics cofounder and president Fred Joyal.

“Dentists, independent practice owners, office administrators, and DSO members shared with us the important lessons they learned incorporating new technologies at their practices,” Joyal said. “They held nothing back, and frankly the impact certain well-known technologies had on their bottom line surprised us.”

Dental professionals can request their demo and report at futuredontics.com/techreport.

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