Fred Joyal Video Examines the Real Value of New Dental Patients



LOS ANGELES, CA (July 30, 2014) – Futuredontics®, parent company of 1-800-DENTIST®, has released a new short video by company founder Fred Joyal entitled “The Value of a New Patient.” Dental professionals can watch it for free at

The video is part of a new series launched by Futuredontics to help dentists solve many of dental marketing’s toughest challenges. The latest release focuses on the factors dentists need to consider when calculating the overall and, at times, hidden value of a new dental patient. The goal is to help dentists more accurately gauge the long-term return on investment from their advertising.
In just two minutes this instructive video definitively answers two of the most frequently asked questions in dental marketing today: how much is a new patient really worth to a dental practice and how much should dentists invest in marketing to attract them? Fred runs the numbers and shows dentists how marketing investments can produce impressive long-term gains for their practice.
“Dentists who want to get the most value from their marketing see Futuredontics as their go-to source for the latest information on cost-effective ways to grow their practices,” explained CEO Michael Turner. “We offer a range of exclusive resources like Fred’s videos, whitepapers and marketing products that provide dental practices everything they need to make their marketing a success. And, our flagship 1-800-DENTIST product is the easiest, most efficient way to get new patients.”
Dental professionals can watch “Fred Joyal Presents: The Value of a New Patient” for free by visiting: