Fruit Juices May Pose Major Problems



Parents need to be wary about fruit juices, according to dental experts.

Some parents often provide their children with fruit juice, but the acidity and sugar content may lead to many tooth issues later in life.

The British Dental Association wants parents to curtail the amount of fruit juice children have to lower the risk for cavities and acid erosion. About 25 percent of children consume fruit juice regularly and two-thirds of children eat sugary snacks and treats.

Natural fruit juice doesn’t contain added sweeteners but crushing fruit releases sugar. This makes the juice more damaging to the teeth.

Many parents think fruit juices and smoothies are healthy but obviously that is not the case. It may not be possible to completely eradicate sugar from a child’s diet but limiting as much as you can is advised. There are some smoothies that contain the same amount of sugar as about 3 donuts combined.

Also, the frequency of exposing teeth to acid has worse effects than the consuming large quantities of acidic foods and beverages.