Fruit Drinks, Like Energy Drinks, May be Problematic



Parents need to rethink giving their children fruit drinks.

Dentists are warning that some fruit drinks can have the acidity levels of vinegar. So some parents with good intentions may actually be putting their children’s oral health at risk.

Fruits drinks and smoothies were thought to have some nutritional value as a healthy option other than drinks like soda. But, in actuality, these drinks contain sugar, in addition to having high acidity levels.

When consuming these fruit drinks, bacteria in the mouth produce dangerous plaque acids that attack the enamel. With weakened enamel, it’s possible for the tooth to become compromised.

According to some studies, there are certain fruit drinks that are considered more acidic than vinegar.

Based on this information, whether or not a drink contain fruits is irrelevant. What’s more important whether or not it contains sugar. Water is beneficial because it doesn’t have any sugar and lowers the risk of obesity, something that is rising among young children. Drinks filled with sugar is one of the main reasons for this rise.