Free Clinic Enables Some Californians to Receive Dental Care



Thousands of people benefitted from a free medical clinic in Sacramento, Calif. last weekend.

During the four-day clinic, more than 3,000 people paid a visit for some kind of treatment. The clinic, which was organized by Remote Area Medical, included dental treatment, health checks, and vision checks. There were 400 medical professionals who volunteered for the event and 600 volunteers total.

There were some dentists who saw in the area of 200 to 300 patients, a figure that could take more than a week at a dentist’s regular office.

Some of the dental treatment included basic cleaning, while some of the more involved treatment included tooth extractions. There were even a few cases in which people had to have all of their teeth removed.

The goal of the clinic was to provide the unemployed and people without government assistance the kind of dental and medical treatment they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

The total medical coverage at the clinic would have cost $1.3 million, according to FOX40 in Sacramento.