First-of-its-kind Market Research Survey to Dental Hygienists Nationwide



The American Dental Hygienists’ Association’s (ADHA’s) Institute for Oral Health (IOH) recently announced that it will donate half of its profits generated over the last two years to scholarship and research grants throughout its 2015-2016 fiscal year. The IOH supports the charitable educational, research and scientific endeavors of the ADHA, and strives to empower, support and develop dental hygienists to reach their full professional potential.
The IOH, which serves as one of the preeminent philanthropic foundations in the oral health community, will allocate more than $68,000 for scholarships, more than $41,000 for research grants and more than $60,000 for community service grants in 2015-2016. The institute has received five times as many requests for scholarships from student hygienists than in previous years, resulting in the decision to distribute a higher percentage of profits to these programs.
Additionally, the IOH is excited to announce its inaugural American Dental Hygiene Omnibus Survey. This all-encompassing survey is the first of its kind, and will comprehensively gauge the opinions of approximately 40,000 ADHA members and non-members nationwide. The survey, which will be sent out on an annual basis each winter, is completely free of corporate bias, and will evaluate participants on mobile technology usage, consumer influence, education, and purchasing influences and habits, as well as their most desired clinical instruments.
The American Dental Hygiene Omnibus Survey will be distributed in March 2015, with results presented in June in time for the ADHA’s Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) at the 92nd Annual Session, which takes place June 17-23, 2015, in Nashville, Tenn. To gain access to the research results, participants must enroll in an IOH Corporate Membership. A Tier 1 Corporate Membership is available for $500, and provides full survey access. Tier 2 Corporate Memberships are available for $750, and will allow members not only complete access to the comprehensive market research but enable them to administer their own market research question to be included in a future Omnibus Survey. Lastly, a $1,000 Tier 3 Corporate Memberships affords members the ability to write in two questions for future distribution, as well as full research access.
“Our current Corporate Members are thrilled that we are providing crucial data to them,” stated Pamela Quinones, RDH, BS, Chair of the Institute of Oral Health Advisory Board. “This is truly the first market research study of its kind and completely unbiased. Any dental manufacturer can have access and input to the content, along with a comprehensive executive summary by becoming a Corporate Member. Some of our Corporate Members have told us a survey of this magnitude might cost them $20,000 to conduct on their own. We’re thrilled we can bring this value to our corporate partners.”
All IOH Corporate Members will receive recognition during the 2015 ADHA CLL at the 92nd Annual Session, recognition in the 2015 ADHA Annual Report and a complimentary subscription to ACCESS magazine.
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