Expanding Diagnosis and Treatment Skills

Timothy F. Kosinski, DDS


Each passing year brings technological advancements to dentistry that potentially improve proficiency, efficiency, and profitability. Continuing education is vital for clinicians wishing to provide high-quality implant dentistry. Keeping updated via clinical case report articles assists in providing you, our readers, with the proper tools. In this issue, Dr. Brady Frank demonstrates how 3-D printing technology is changing how we can create clear aligners for orthodontic treatment and fabricate immediate and cost-effective surgical guides using CBCT analysis and planning software. These 2 applications of technology will soon become mainstream. I am presenting a case report that outlines the retreatment of a patient who had significant full-arch reconstruction just 8 years ago. A traumatic accident resulted in loss of the implants and prosthesis. The retreatment of this complicated case involved implementing modern diagnosis and planning protocols to simplify the process and to make it very affordable for the patient.

Being able to visualize a finished case prior to any treatment intervention is an art that may take years to master. However, with proper didactic and clinical training, it becomes possible to provide outstanding clinical outcomes. The ability to properly diagnose and treatment plan a case is the most important skill we must learn and appreciate, especially in complex prosthetic constructions. Advances and techniques, as represented in articles herein, should stimulate your thought process and provide a focus toward exceptional and predictable care.

The age of the “super dentist” is upon us. I hope you enjoy the submissions presented and take this knowledge to expand your patient care. Aesthetics, function, improved speech, and quality of life are the fruits of our labor. This certainly makes dentistry an exciting profession as we are truly making a difference in people’s health and well-being.

If you have any questions or comments about this topic, or any other subject presented in Implants Today, feel free to contact Dr. Kosinski at drkosin@aol.com.

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